director / screenwriter


pd / shooting pd / editor

the following are a small selection of videos showcasing marco's work as a producer/director (pd), shooting pd and editor.  Please contact him for complete credits.

bbc the one show - 'alistair's accents' (6 part series) - producer/director

Marco worked with Indie real life productions to produce & direct more than thirty films for the BBC's 'the one show'.  He devised the format for the successful series 'alistair's accent', which bbc radio 2 and one show host chris evans called "the best films we've ever had on The one show".

The second film in the 'alistair's accents' series for the bbc.  each film was shot in just one day after extensive research and collaboration with linguistic experts from a number of the uk's leading universities.

bbc the one show - 'scouting for hitler' - producer/director & shooting pd

another of marco's one show films, 'scouting for hitler' involved extensive historical research before being approved for production.  marco managed to convince the boy scout movement to comment officially on this story for the first time in its history.  as well as producing & directing, marco self-shot the film.

ASDA web series - 'Meet the growers' - sweetcorn - producer/director

This film was part of a series of six made for asda to showcase the uk producers they work with.


this title sequence was commissioned by halifax bank to feature on all of its extensive internal video communications.

wella pro series academy (10X FILMS) - editor & DELIVERABLES

although marco works primarily as a director, pd or shooting pd, this video is included to showcase his editing work.  marco worked on set during this shoot to edit a such dozen instructional videos for wella.